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Malaysian coffee, also known as "kopi," has a strong authentic and aromatic taste. Made by pouring boiling water through grounds held in a socks-like cloth filter, it's thick, strong and bitter, and is drunk hot or iced, usually mellowed with sweetened condensed milk.

Liberica coffee was introduced and widely planted in Malaysia was then Malaya, in the early days of 1870’s. The unique flavour of Malaysia’s Liberica coffee cannot be matched by any other coffee in the world.

Malaysia's total harvest of Liberica coffee - mostly from Johor, Selangor and Sabah - is less than one per cent of the world total coffee production.

The unique flavours of our coffee are very much sought-after by coffee connoisseurs in the Middle East, Japan, Europe and Southeast Asia. Liberica is best used for traditional kopi-O, but it is now equally good if not better for espresso blends.

Malaysian kopi's distinctive burnt flavor comes from the butter (today, often margarine) and sugar that the beans are roasted with. That process was developed to mask the harshness of the Liberica bean.